Saturday, August 16, 2008

Still Here

As I sat down to write a few lines I thought to myself, "What can I call this?" And after the time I've had while in Honduras and this week, about all I can say is I'm still here. I finally broke down and went to the doctor Wednesday and he put me on two medications for my stomach problems. Thank God for medicine.

I was at church all day Sunday, God blessed our share service and then I preached Sunday night. I preached an introductory message on the book of Acts; we will begin a verse by verse study of the Book of Acts. I can't wait! I've done bible studies of this wonderful, amazing book, but I've never actually preached through it before. I know that God is going to revolutionize our church as we take this journey through Acts.

I actually feel much better. I spent all day Monday and Tuesday at the house unable to leave whatsoever. I was at home most of Wednesday; going into the office about 2pm to get ready for Wednesday night. I love teaching my DC, Theology 102 "Why We Believe What We Believe." Thursday I was in the office most of the day studying for Sunday morning. I cut my grass today, but I realize after the fact that I am still weak from my "missionary blessing." But I will be ready come Sunday morning. Can't wait to see you there.

Serving Him,
Pastor Mike

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Michael and Kristi Rains said...

It's good to hear you are doing better. There is nothing like one of those third world souvenirs. Have a great weekend.