Monday, June 30, 2008

God's Blessings

I love the fact that God is still working! I love the fact that God is still working on and in me! I love the fact that God is still working on and in HIS church! I love that God is still working on and in HGBC! This was made evident to me once again during VBS as God drew people to Himself for eternity. To the best of my knowledge we have had about 15 kids make decisions for Christ during VBS. There were 2 that made decisions before VBS started, and we had 2 young men make decisions for Christ yesterday after our morning worship service. PRAISE THE LORD! We will baptizing 4-5 Sunday morning and doing follow-up with the rest over the next week so that we can get the rest plugged in to our church. Thank you God for allowing us to be apart of your plan, your kingdom, and your family!

Another great blessing in my life this week was found in reading the book Quiet Strength. It is the memoirs of Tony Dungy. I highly recommend this book. It will encourage you in your faith.

The last but definitely not the least blessing is the announcement that I made yesterday that Melissa and I are expecting our second child. We are so excited and blessed. It is no surprise that I'm praying for a boy, but more than that we are praying for healthy; that is the most important thing. God is entrusting us with a precious life, and we want to be awesome stewards of His gifts to us.

Serving Him,
Pastor Mike

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wednesday VBS 2008

We had an awesome night at VBS last night. I know that we had over 15 kids make decisions. We will be following up in the next few nights, and doing some counseling. Praise the Lord for what He is doing! It is such a privilege to be apart of what God is doing. Why don't you come and join us?

God is surely blessing our VBS. We have had increasing numbers of children every night. On Sunday night we started out with 69 kids, last night we had 101. I can't wait to see what God will do tonight and tomorrow night during our family night.

Pastor Mike

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

VBS 2008

We are having a great time at HGBC. We are in the midst of VBS. I know that God is blessing our efforts already. I had the privilege of talking with an 8 year old young lady Sunday evening who had prayed to receive Christ as her personal Lord and Savior. "AMEN, PRAISE THE LORD!" Come check it out.

Serving Him,
Pastor Mike
Rom. 15:13

Monday, June 16, 2008

David and Goliath

David and Goliath is what they are calling the playoff of the US Open between Rocco Mediate and Tiger Woods. I have been able to listen to some of the playoff on the Internet. As I write they are still playing so I don't know who the winner will be, but it has been very exciting. At one point through 11 holes Tiger was 3 up on Rocco; it seemed as if Tiger would walk away with his 3rd US Open title and 14th major championship. But they haven't played all 18 holes yet, and Rocco wasn't through. At the time of my last check Rocco had evened things up and both players were one over par. Not bad at all considering the pressure they are under.

As I sat here I began to see some spiritual implications that I thought I would share with whomever reads this. The first is that those around may see David and Goliath doing battle, but no one sees the God of the David. Goliath surely didn't, and moments later, he lay dead on the field of battle with his head in David's hand. Never fear when you are fighting on the Lord's side. The second is that at times things may seem out of reach or impossible, but finish the task and let God sort out the details and control the end. It seemed like Rocco was down for the count, but he continues to play and has found himself right back in the thick of it. Many times as Christians we feel as though we are fighting a losing battle and we might as well give up, but if we just keep fighting, if we just keep playing, only God knows what can be accomplished. So, "Keep on keepin' on."

Serving Him,
Pastor Mike

Friday, June 13, 2008

We're home

Melissa and I had a great time at the SBC in Indianapolis. We weren't affected by the storms although it did rain pretty heavily Monday afternoon.

We got to Indy late because of airline issues. We were suppose to be there at 1:15 Sunday afternoon but didn't arrive until 6:30 so we missed the Pastor's Conference and a preview of Fireproof. Monday was a great day, we heard some of the best preachers in the world. I had never heard of James McDonald, but he was awesome.

Tuesday and Wednesday the business of the SBC was handled. We elected Johnny Hunt as President of the SBC. The other officers of the convention were elected. We voted on motions and resolutions. One very important resolution was unanimously approved: on regenerate church membership (it's always good to have members of the church who are saved!).

We had a special treat Wednesday afternoon. We got to watch the new movie, Fireproof, scheduled to be released in September. It is the latest movie released by Sherwoord Baptist Church in Albany, Georgia. Let me just say, "You've gotta see this movie!" HGBC will be promoting it as the summer progresses. You can check it out at

We got to see old friends from college, seminary and ministry. We laughed and had a great time. But it was great to board the plane yesterday morning to come home.

We had a great surprise as we walked through the airport, Morgan was standing there waiting on us. She had some flowers for Melissa and a big kiss and hug for daddy. It was awesome. Thanks Karen. I'm looking forward to Sunday, Father's Day. See you then.

Pastor Mike

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Ready to Go

Well, it's 9:20 Saturday night. Our bags are packed, and we are ready to go. Indianapolis, here we come.

Please pray that God would give Melissa and I traveling mercies going and coming. Pray for Donnie and Karen as they take care of Morgan. Pray for Morgan that she will "be good." Pray that God will be honored by the outcome of everything at the Southern Baptist Convention. Pray that God will speak to my heart during the Pastor's Conference tomorrow night and Monday.

It will be good to see old friends and meet new ones. I miss you folks at HGBC already and can't wait to get back to the pulpit. Man I love to preach. See you soon.

Serving Him,
Pastor Mike
Rom. 15:13

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Might as Well

It's late, can't sleep, might as well type.

Had a good, long day at church: 9-9. Got home at 9:30 and both my girls were in bed, so I watched a little TV and now I'm up here at the computer. I checked out a few links on my friend Jay Forsythe's site and then I decided to do a little myself.

We had a fabulous time tonight during our discipleship intensive. I call it intensive because it is. We are intensively and decisively studying the Word so that we can reproduce in others what Christ is doing in us. We have been studying the subject of prayer for two weeks and God is doing some great things as we learn from the lips of Jesus how to pray (Luke 11:1-13).

Tonight we listened to two messages on this passage preached by Herb Hodges. If you know him you know what that was like, if you don't, get with the program. Thanks Bro. Herb; the gift goes on. It's amazing to trying to get a grip on all that God has for us to "unearth" in His word.

I'll give you one little taste of what we have been studying. We all know the "ask, seek, knock" part of the passage, but it's awesome to study it with Herb. There are six verbs in these few verses and five of the tenses of these verbs in the Greek are present tense. That means that it happens immediately. Present tense "ask" present tense "given." "Seek" is a present tense verb; "find" is a present tense verb, but there is effort that must be exerted by the one "seeking." "Knock" is a present tense verb, which means that we are always to be praying in this fashion, but "opened" is a future tense verb. This means that at times what we are "seeking" is on the other side of a door that we can't open. We must wait for someone else to open the door for us. But it is my responsibility to keep on "knocking" (present tense verb) until God decides to open the door. There are other people involved in the decision/process besides me. Isn't that awesome.

I pray that I will always be in the moment in my prayer life, but waiting on God to make it happen.

Serving Him,
Pastor Mike