Friday, August 22, 2008

Fay More Days

As we sit here in the comfort of our home, my family and I are wondering with the rest of NE Florida: "What is TP Fay going to do next?" I think she is tired because she is moving very slowly. That is not a good thing because she is "crying" about her pace, and it is leaving us awefully damp.

Most weather "experts" are only guessing about what will happen next. I do know that I can add, and if she continues at her current pace we will be dealing with Fay all weekend. I know that most in the state are ready to give her "the boot." I hate the "wait and see" game, but we are getting very good at it this week.

OH! and if you didn't know: we found out what we are having. You can ask us if you want.

1 comment:

Life Changes said...

"Its Going to be a Boy."

You dont have to tell me!!!!
I know that is it going to be..

Scotty Smith