Wednesday, February 07, 2007

We Serve an Amazing God

On my last post I asked for prayer for our First Annual Sportsman's Banquet. We had 114 men and boys register and it was a great time of food, fellowship and ministry. There was on slight "bump in the road" however. Dr. Paige Patterson had weather and plane trouble and was not able to make the banquet. Needless to say there were some disappointed people, and I was one of them. But there was one person who became very nervious too, and that was me. The task of speaking to these men and boys fell on me. I prayed that God would help me honor Him with my words.

I told a few of my own hunting stories and related the difficulties of hunting, fishing, golfing, etc... with the difficulties of life. We had some amazing mounts to help decorate our building, 4 tremendous mounts taken from Cananda (over 300 pound deer). I talked about how that must have been an awesome experience not only to see but to harvest an animal like that. But I shared that those moments in time failed in comparison to something that happened to me almost thirty years ago, and that was the moment I turned to God in repentance and He forgave me and saved me. Although no public decisions were made, pray with me that God will grow a great harvest from the seeds planted.

Dr. Patterson is such a gracious man. He came on Sunday night and preached in our service. He preached on Psalm 1. My people thoroughly enjoyed his message and the fellowship following the service. Thank you Dr. Patterson.

Serving Him,
Pastor Mike