Saturday, August 09, 2008

Honduras 08- Part 5

I'm sitting in my recliner watching the Olympics and the PGA Championship. It's nice to be home.

We left Tegucigalpa at 4:30am, and traveled the 4 hours to the airport at San Pedro Sula. We checked in, paid our exit taxes, and hung out until our flight left for Houston at 11:55am. Each leg of the flight we lost an hour as we traveled East. The flight was uneventful.

We landed in Houston, got through Immigration and Customs, got some good food, and waited until our flight for Jacksonville took off at 7:25 (8:25 EST). The flight was uneventful once again, except that as we approached JAI we witnessed a beautiful lightning storm out to the North. It was quite impressive to see the lightning light up the night sky. It was just another demonstration of the magnificence of God. We landed safely and began the last, small portion of the journey home.

As we were walking toward baggage claim, I saw Melissa and Morgan. I was so excited to see them. Morgan ran to jump up in my arms, and I just hugged her for a minute or so. I gave Melissa a big kiss and we were off to get the luggage. We had to help one of the team fill out some paper work because of a lost bag. We loaded up and headed home.

It's always good to come home, but every time I do, I find that I leave a little bit more of my heart behind. I pray that God continues to give me a GLOBAL VISION that will accommodate his GLOBAL COMMISSION.

Serving Him,
Pastor Mike

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