Thursday, August 07, 2008

Honduras 08- Part 4

As I write this post it is Thursday afternoon 2:20pm Honduras time (4:20 EST). We arrived safely in Tegucigalpa about 11am this morning. Most of us are in some state of sadness having had to leave those we have come to love from Kerygma (Proclamation); that is the name of the church in Juticalpa we have been serving along side this week. Several from the group volunteered to take extra vacation time if we could just stay a few more days. (You will hear about much of this on Sunday morning during our share service.)

When we arrived in Teguc we unloaded the van at the missionary house, and then went to Greengo ally for lunch. It is a section of Tegucigalpa with several American resteraunts (Wendys, Burger King, Subway, etc...). Steve, Iris and I decided to come back to the house rather than go site-seeing. Steve and I are still somewhat leary of our stomachs, while I believe Iris is just tired. When the rest of the team returns we will be going to eat with the Acosta's.

We will "hit the sack" earlier b/c we will have to be up at 4am or so to load up and travel the 4.5 hours to San Pedro Sula for our 11am flight back to Houston. We have a 4 hour layover in Houston and should arrive back in Jacksonville at 10:42pm. We can't wait to see our loved ones, and share all that God has done during this short stay in Honduras. I pray God multiplies "the seed" over and over to the ends of the earth. See you Sunday.

Serving Him,
Pastor Mike

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