Monday, June 30, 2008

God's Blessings

I love the fact that God is still working! I love the fact that God is still working on and in me! I love the fact that God is still working on and in HIS church! I love that God is still working on and in HGBC! This was made evident to me once again during VBS as God drew people to Himself for eternity. To the best of my knowledge we have had about 15 kids make decisions for Christ during VBS. There were 2 that made decisions before VBS started, and we had 2 young men make decisions for Christ yesterday after our morning worship service. PRAISE THE LORD! We will baptizing 4-5 Sunday morning and doing follow-up with the rest over the next week so that we can get the rest plugged in to our church. Thank you God for allowing us to be apart of your plan, your kingdom, and your family!

Another great blessing in my life this week was found in reading the book Quiet Strength. It is the memoirs of Tony Dungy. I highly recommend this book. It will encourage you in your faith.

The last but definitely not the least blessing is the announcement that I made yesterday that Melissa and I are expecting our second child. We are so excited and blessed. It is no surprise that I'm praying for a boy, but more than that we are praying for healthy; that is the most important thing. God is entrusting us with a precious life, and we want to be awesome stewards of His gifts to us.

Serving Him,
Pastor Mike


Life Changes said...

Hey Mike,

I am thinking that same line. I hope that it will be a Boy!!! if it a one. I do pray that will keep
the Madaris Name, if it is a Boy!!!
his Name will be the same as your Full Name, Micheal Timothy Madaris Jr. hoping that one day!!! He will be the Next Preacher, as you never dreamed up!!! like you did in a preachers the Madaris Family, Just remember your grand Daddy Married My Aunt & Jack Revels. many years ago, down in First Baptist downtown Green Cove Springs,

In his
Scotty Smith

Ben & Amy said...

Hey Mike - I found your blog through JD Greear's blog - I go to his church in NC. Anyway - saw this post on something from Tony Dungy's book. My hubby and I just finished reading it a couple months ago. It had a huge impact on us and really screamed out God's presence in the Dungy family's life! Glad to see someone else has read it!

misery loves company said...

Are you sure you only heard one heartbeat? Did you hear it from an old dilapidated ultrasound machine? Even with the ultimate technological advancements nothing is "fool-proof." You know misery loves company - so go for the gusto - why not TWINS! Just imagine that extra BLESSING! We ALL are hoping for just that.