Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Water is Stirred

Sunday gave me two of the most awesome experiences a person in my position gets in his life: 1) is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ (always the best), and 2) baptizing those who are publicly identifying themselves as followers of Christ. We began our service Sunday morning by baptizing 4 precious souls. AWESOME! This coming Sunday we will be baptizing at least 5 more. My biggest concern, now and always, is the process we should be taking these new converts through so that they begin to see what being a Christian is really all about.

I believe that this process, or lack thereof in the church, is the reason most of our churches are either declining or dead; we have failed to present to them the "full and complete contract" of discipleship. Most people get saved, baptized and pick a pew; they never realize that there is more to it than that. Did you know there was more to "it" than that? What do you think is involved in being a "true" disciple of Christ?

Serving Him,
Pastor Mike

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