Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Might as Well

It's late, can't sleep, might as well type.

Had a good, long day at church: 9-9. Got home at 9:30 and both my girls were in bed, so I watched a little TV and now I'm up here at the computer. I checked out a few links on my friend Jay Forsythe's site and then I decided to do a little myself.

We had a fabulous time tonight during our discipleship intensive. I call it intensive because it is. We are intensively and decisively studying the Word so that we can reproduce in others what Christ is doing in us. We have been studying the subject of prayer for two weeks and God is doing some great things as we learn from the lips of Jesus how to pray (Luke 11:1-13).

Tonight we listened to two messages on this passage preached by Herb Hodges. If you know him you know what that was like, if you don't, get with the program. Thanks Bro. Herb; the gift goes on. It's amazing to trying to get a grip on all that God has for us to "unearth" in His word.

I'll give you one little taste of what we have been studying. We all know the "ask, seek, knock" part of the passage, but it's awesome to study it with Herb. There are six verbs in these few verses and five of the tenses of these verbs in the Greek are present tense. That means that it happens immediately. Present tense "ask" present tense "given." "Seek" is a present tense verb; "find" is a present tense verb, but there is effort that must be exerted by the one "seeking." "Knock" is a present tense verb, which means that we are always to be praying in this fashion, but "opened" is a future tense verb. This means that at times what we are "seeking" is on the other side of a door that we can't open. We must wait for someone else to open the door for us. But it is my responsibility to keep on "knocking" (present tense verb) until God decides to open the door. There are other people involved in the decision/process besides me. Isn't that awesome.

I pray that I will always be in the moment in my prayer life, but waiting on God to make it happen.

Serving Him,
Pastor Mike

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Jay Forsythe said...

man have I been experiencing that "waiting" for a while...thanks for the reminder!