Thursday, September 13, 2007

Vacation Bound

I just got home from the Association Executive Committee Meeting. (Just what I needed, another business meeting. But it is a necessary part of my responsibilities.) It has been a long week already. This is the third night in a row that I walked through the doors of my home past 9pm. But tomorrow is a beautiful thing. Tomorrow we leave on vacation for 8 days. We can't wait and its been a long time coming.

I will periodically check the blog and my email, but other than that I will be off limits to everyone but Melissa and Morgan. What a blessing it will be. Take care and God bless. Stay close and clean.

Serving Him,
Pastor Mike


Scotts Blogs said...


Hope you & Melissa, Morgan, will enjoy your 8 day long vacation with your family. over at the beach, See everyone all soon back from Madaris Family Getaway!!!!

See ya at Homecoming on Sept 23rd.
Scotty S

Pastor Mike said...

Thanks Scotty.

Scotts Blogs said...

Go Gators!!!!!!!!

See ya Soon

Scotts Blogs said...
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johnmclamb said...

Have a great vacation my brother.