Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Steppin' on My Toes

I was just reading a post from a good friend of mine, John McLamb. John and his family are in Costa Rica at the moment in language school with the IMB. They will head to Bolivia when they are through in Costa Rica.

At church this past Sunday the pastor was preaching on marriage. You can read John's clog at www.johnmclamb.wordpress.com. But the pastor concluded his message with these 6 questions. They stepped on my toes, as a father. What did they do to yours?

Serving Him,
Pastor Mike

(Below is a quote from John's post which contain the 6 questions.)

While I missed much he said, I did manage to get these six challenging questions that he shared at the end of the message (Jen helped me get them and I went after the service and he helped me with one we missed). The questions are geared only to dads as we are to be the leaders of our family’s. Here they are:

What habits am I teaching my family? (ie- if I smoke, what am I teaching my family to do?; if I read my Bible, what am I teaching them?)

What bad habits am I correcting at home? (no one is perfect, so in what areas am I demonstrating humility and growth?)

How often am I teaching them from God’s Word? (’nuff said!)

What do I say when I’m angry? (What am I living out before my family when it really matters.)

What time do I spend talking with my kids about biblical truths (see Deut. 6:4-9)

How honest am I in answering these questions? (ouch!)

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