Monday, September 24, 2007

Back Already

Vacation is over. We are back home. The Gators won. Life is good.

We had a great time away as a family this past week. We went to Daytona Beach, and it was beautiful. It rained 3 days while we were there, but that is OK because we were together as a family and we were able to "chill." I needed that as much as anything.

Today we celebrated Homecoming at HGBC. We had an awesome crowd. If you missed it, you missed a blessing. My parents were here to help with the service. She sang and my dad preached. They both did an excellent job. Ferrill Mills, a former pastor, was suppose to preach, but health problems kept him from coming. It was good to have my parents here, and we are looking forward to spending a few days together.

I pray that God has blessed you this past week and that His hand is evident in your life.

Serving Him,
Pastor Mike

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Scotts Blogs said...

Hey Mike,

Homecoming was a very exciting day
at HGBC. with eating after the homecoming service, the entire day
was a blast. Enjoyied the whole service, with your mom coming up to bless us with a song on her heart. then your Dad came up to preach for the homecoming service, looking forward to the next homecoming celebration 145 years of
HGBC..this marks 2 years for me, being apart of came about the same time I joined..when you were voted in as our new pastor

See Ya Soon
May God Bless

Scotty Smith