Monday, July 14, 2008

Slight Correction

In my last post I said that we were going to baptize five this past Sunday (July 13); we actually baptized eight. Twelve precious souls have publicly aligned themselves with the Lord Jesus Christ in the last two weeks. During the invitation Sunday morning, and I do still give an public invitation in every service, we saw two join the church and two more come forward publicly professing Christ as Savior. I counseled with them after the service, and we are baptizing them this coming Sunday morning. Yesterday four of the twelve were cousins, with two of them brothers. This coming Sunday I will be baptizing a brother and sister. God rocks!

I want to encourage you to hit your knees hard over the next few weeks. The reason is that several of your brothers and sisters in Christ, including myself, are coming under some severe spiritual attacks. We need your prayers and support as we face the enemy on a daily basis. Many of these attacks are aimed at our families and homes. We covet your prayers.

Pastor Mike

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