Saturday, March 03, 2007

UPWARD Awards Night

Wow is a great word to use to describe what happened at HGBC last night. Our first UPWARD basketball and cheerleading season ended last Saturday and we had our awards night last night. First of all we had over 200 people there for the ceremony. I am continually amazed at the opportunities God is giving us to minister to and plant "seed." Second, we had a lady from Orlando, her name is Robin (can't remember her last name right now). She is a dribbling expert and she put on a show. She is one of only three women in the US who can spin 10 or more basketballs on her person at one time. She did it last night, and it was amazing. By the time she got through with her demonstration all the kids in the building were sitting right at the bottom of the stage; they were mesmerized. When she got through, she shared her testimony and presented the gospel to the crowd. I believe that God is blessing those moments right now. I don't know, yet, if there were any decisions last night, but we will be following up on all the visitors. I am so proud of my church and all those who faithfully gave their time to reach these kids and their families. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Serving Him,
Pastor Mike

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Scotty Smith said...


Im excited that Hickory Grove Baptist Church. has been blessed our first upward basketball ministry. with the children of
Green Cove Springs, but as we grow
for Hickory Grove baptist Church.
with Upward Basketball, we will bring more children to Upward Basketball..we have really been blessed that god brought an upbeat
ministry program..all the children
were all pepped up for Upward Basketball...

May God Bless