Friday, January 07, 2011

Newsletter Article January 2011

To the Church at HGBC,

It’s 2011. I just celebrated my 38th birthday and my 10th wedding anniversary. I look back on my life and know that I’m a blessed man. I am blessed because of Christ and what he has done and is doing for me. I’m blessed because of the gifts of God in my wife and children. I’m blessed to be your pastor. We’ve come through a lot in the last 5 years; our Heavenly Father has taught us some valuable lessons. He taught us those things because he wants to use us more mightily for his honor and glory.

With that in mind along with what I preached this past Sunday, January 2, 2011, from Acts 14:1-7, I want us to take a step together in 2011. That step is in the direction of the way we dream and plan what we do or don’t do at HGBC. I know we have had a church council since before I came in 2005. We have made changes to the church council several times to try to make it more convenient for members to attend; some have worked and some haven’t. What I would like to do is make one more change. I want to turn the church council into the Strategic Leadership Team for HGBC. We will be meeting on a monthly basis, probably on a Monday or Thursday night each month. Any member of the church is welcome to attend the meetings of the Strategic Leadership Team, but I would like to request that all members who are serving on committees or other leadership positions, like Sunday School teachers, children and youth workers, etc… make every attempt to attend the monthly meetings.

We will be addressing calendar issues each month, but it will be so much more. One of the top priorities of the Strategic Leadership Team will be praying together each month for our church. We will do some bible studies together to help us gain a better understanding of the mission of God and HGBC and the vision and plans we need in place to help us accomplish our mission. We will also use the Strategic Leadership Team to evaluate what we are already doing, why we are doing it, do we need to continue doing it at all, and do we need to change or adapt what we are doing to better serve our Heavenly Father, the community, and the church.

We will have our first meeting in February. I’ll make sure to give you plenty of notice. I want to encourage you to be praying; make prayer the top priority in your life for 2011. Pray that we will be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit as we seek to live our lives according to his purpose. I love you, and look forward to a great year of ministry and impact. God bless you.

Serving Him,

Pastor Mike

Num. 6:24-26

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