Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Proverbs 7

I am currently reading Proverbs from the Apologetics Study Bible. The translation of this edition is the Holman Christian Standard Bible. The first 5 verses of this chapter direct the reader, the one pursuing wisdom, to treasure the Word of God. It encourages the reader to reflect on it and "regularly putting it into practice..." The study note on these 5 verses then goes on to say that doing this "helps a person internalize wisdom and build godly character. What we think about regularly affects what we do, and what we do regularly produces habits, and ultimately determines our character." WOW!

Think about that last sentence. Break it down into individual parts: 1) what we think about REGULARLY affects what we do, 2) what we do REGULARLY produces habits, and 3) habits ultimately determine our character. All I can say is that is powerful.

My prayer is: "Lord may I think about you, may I do only what you would do, and may I become like you."


Michael and Kristi Rains said...

Thank you Bro. Mike for sharing this. It is a great word to ponder. Actually, I am scheduled to read that chapter of Proverbs tonight! I believe that the Holy Spirit moved you to write this for me. I tend to have a little ADD at times and my mind wonders. I need to purposefully focus on the Word and allow It to move me in to form the best character possible. Blessings to you and your family. I enjoy reading your blog. I look forward to being closer to you in a few months. Have a great week.
Serving together,

Pastor Mike said...

That's awesome Michael. I think and pray for you guys often. When are ya'll coming back to the States?

Michael and Kristi Rains said...

June 1 - Jan. 2010

Pastor Mike said...

Let's set up a date for you to come to Florida and speak. I can probably set you up with a couple of churches to speak to.