Friday, September 12, 2008

Random Thoughts

I enjoy Friday's. It's my day off and I ususally spend the day with Morgan, and Melissa if she is not working.

Melissa went to the Dr today. She is 20 weeks and everything is just like it should be. Thank you Lord.

Morgan is excited about the baby in Mommy's tummy but I don't think she quite understands how her life is about to change.

A good friend of ours from Fayetteville, NC called this morning to tell me that he and his wife just had a baby; just over 10lb little boy. God bless you Carey and family.

I'm looking forward to Sunday. See ya then.

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Life Changes said...

Hello Mike,

Im excited for your family. everything will look good when
your newest family member will be
here before know it. Im proud of
Morgan as she will be with her little sister at the end of January. its hard to believe 3 years with you & Melissa being down here in Florida, even that Morgan was just born. in the summer of July 2005, Im doing well
being back at Hibernia Baptist Church. Its big adjustment going to the early service..on sunday Morning..I run into some of everybody all were at HGBC...I atleast have to keep you informed

May God Bless
Scotty S.