Friday, October 26, 2007

Gone Fishin'

This past Sunday night a very kind man at HGBC took me to the Gulf of Mexico fishing for a few days. I have never fished in or saw, for that matter, the Gulf of Mexico (that I know of or remember). We fished Monday, Tuesday and for an hour on Wednesday morning and then we came home.

On Monday the tide began coming in about 5:45 AM and we left the house at first light. We were fishing by 7:45 AM and the fishing was pretty good. I caught the first two fish of the trip but neither was a legal fish. Then Nate and his son Russell began to catch a few and I joined in. We had a great day, catching 14 legal speckled trout. We quit fishing about 2:30 PM, and went back to Nate's house. We filleted the trout and cleaned the boat and got everything ready for day 2. We were all pretty tired. We had put a roast with potatoes and carrots in the crock pot when we left that morning, so needless to say we ate very well. The Jaguars were playing the Colts Monday night and we were watching the game. Nate was the first to go at 9:3o or so. We cut the lights out and I fell out about 10 PM. Russell watched the whole game, and the Jag's lost anyway. (Go Colts!!!)

Tuesday the tide was right about 6:45 AM and we were fishing by 8 AM. Someone overslept; I won't say who (Nate). Like I said we were pretty tired. A storm front was working its way in, and the wind was up. We fished hard until about 3 PM but no luck. Nothing but runts and trash fish. We road from here to there and everywhere in between but couldn't catch anything legal other than Russell caught one Spanish Mackerel (?). We ate like kings again Tuesday night. We fired up the grill and had pork chops, sweet potatoes, pork n beans, and corn on the cob. Needless to say, I didn't lose any weight at all. The front moved in during the night and it began to rain.

Nate didn't over sleep Wednesday morning and he woke us up at 5:45 AM. I have no idea why he did this because we couldn't get the boat out of the channel until the tide started coming in and that was at 7:08 AM. It was overcast and first light was about 7:30. It was still raining off and on, but Russell and I decided to give it a try for an hour or so before heading back to GCS for family night supper and discipleship classes at HGBC. (Can you tell I eat frequently?) Anyway, we get out, Nate had had enough for this trip, and first cast I catch a small trout. Not a legal trout so I threw it back, but first cast is always a good sign. We fished for an hour or so, catching a lot of small fish, nothing legal. The wind started picking up, the rain started falling a little more heavily and we decided to call it a trip. So we headed in.

When we got back to the house Nate had everything cleaned up and ready to go. We washed the boat, loaded up and headed home. It was a great trip and I look forward to doing again really soon and often too!

Thanks Nate and Russell for taking me. Thanks Melissa for letting me go. Thanks Booger and Karen for watching Morgan so I could go.

Just in case you were wondering.
Serving Him,
Pastor Mike

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Life Changes said...


Im glad to see you went out to the Gulf of Mexico on a fishing Trip.
Mr. Kelly Invited you to go fishing, from your Blog. you had yourself a Great time, Had plenty of good grocerys each night..did enough of some good fishing, Hope theres enough of Fish for a Men or Church Fish Fry..there always good to have..I love eating some good Fryied up Fish with Hush Puppys, top it off Grits, Bake Beans, Coleslaw..

Fellowships are always a Blast

Thanks for your Great Work...

May God Bless
Scott S.