Thursday, May 17, 2007

And the Church Weeps

My heart was saddened as I heard the news that Dr. Jerry Fawell had passed from this life to eternity. My heart is heavy for his family, his church, and America. My heart rejoices for him. He has finally been allowed by God to go home. He is at rest and at peace. He has left a world of unrest and with an absense of peace. I am saddened because the church has lost a great leader, one who stood for what God says is right no matter what others thought or said. "God raise up a generation of Jerry Fawell's." He made an impact on this country and this world that will long be remembered. I have one question for you and me today, "What kind of impact are we making, or what are we leaving behind?" Dr. Fawell leaves a legacy that is second to none: Thomas Road Baptist Church, Liberty University, the Moral Majority, and the list goes on. The world is a different place today because that one man believed God and moved out in faith. I pray that we will follow his leadership in that way. I pray that we will believe God and move out in faith. What a difference it will make. "Lord, increase our faith" (the disciples).

Serving Him,
Pastor Mike

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