Wednesday, January 31, 2007

First Annual Sportsman's Banquet

I am so excited today as I sit here at my desk. In just 25 hours our first annual Sportsman's Banquet will begin. We are planning for a great crowd of men to come to our family life center for some delicious game food, some excellent door prizes, and an opportunity to hear Paige Patterson tell stories of his hunting adventures on the "Dark Continent."

As he shares these stories, he will also share about an event in his own life that changed him forever. He will tell about meeting the most important person he has ever met. He will share about the time he met a man named Jesus.

My hearts desire when I first mentioned having this event to my church was that we would see men and boys walk through the doors of our church that would never come for any other reason, other than maybe a funeral. I wanted to have to opportunity for them to hear about this man, Jesus, and what he can do for them.

We are preparing food for about 250 men. We are praying that a vast majority of those who come will have the chance to experience a life change. My goal for HGBC is that everything we do reaches people who need to know Christ personally. Pray that God will radically change everyone who attends tomorrow night.

I also want to thank all of those who have sacrificed their time and energy to make this possible. May God richly bless you as you seek to serve others.

Serving Him,
Pastor Mike


Scotty Smith said...

Im looking Forward to this Great Awesome Event, for Hickory Grove Baptist Mens Ministry.....

Scotty S.

Pastor Mike said...

Thanks Scotty,
I hope you had a great time last night. God really blessed. The last count I had was 150 men (not including the ladies in the kitchen). I also wanted to let you know so you can help spread the word, Dr. Paige Patterson is going to be preaching at HGBC Sunday night. He hated he missed the Sportsman's Banquet, but what can you do about plane trouble. See you Sunday.
Pastor Mike