Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Clay County Line

I just had a very interesting time. Mary from the Clay County Line just left my office. Apparently someone in the church nominated me to be interviewed. I didn't know it, but the paper actually does this once a month. She asked me about my family, so I told her about Granddaddy and how he was the pastor at FBC Green Cove Springs in the eary 60's. I told her that my dad graduated from CHS in 1961 (I think that is the right year). I told her that I am a 3rd generation Baptist preacher. I told her that I graduated from North Greenville College and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. I told her about my beautiful wife and our wonderful baby girl. I told her about this amazing church, and the outreach ministries that we are currently involved in: UPWARD Basketball and Cheerleading and GROW: Outreach Teams that Win. So, keep looking in the Clay County Line because we are getting some free advertising. God bless you today.

Serving Him,
Pastor Mike


Scotty Smith said...

Apparently, this is really Awesome about you. what brings you to serve as our pastor, how your granddady Ed Madaris...served as pastor FBC Green Cove Springs, in the Early 1960's. I am excited for you to bring before us, serving as Our Pastor before your church family of Hickory Grove Baptist Church. Excitement is just getting to awesome for Green Cove Springs..with Upward Basketball is just Steaming up with Children at Hickory Grove Baptist Church...I am glad you come from a Great Preacher Family!!!!Everyone all loves to come hear you preach....Its just getting Hotter Every Sunday when you Bring Gods Message at the pulpit...

Im am Blessed to be one of your church Member...

Scotty S.
Green Cove Springs, Fl.

sbc pastor said...


God has truly blessed you with a great family (your wife and baby girl) and a terrific church family. May His hand of blessing continue to be upon your life and ministry. God bless!!!

In Christ,