Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Vision for HGBC

As I said in my profile, I am the pastor of Hickory Grove Baptist Church (HGBC). I came to be the pastor here in November of 2005. This past Sunday night I had every intention of continuing with my exposition of the Gospel of Mark, specifically Mark 8:11-21. As I took my place behind the podium I wanted to share with the people some specifics concerning our new outreach program that we will be training in during the month of November so that we can be in full swing beginning in January. As I was talking to the folks I began to share some of the "vision" that God has laid on my heart for our church as we begin to step out in faith to accomplish the task at hand.

As I stated I began by speaking of GROW. It stands for God Rewards Our Work. It is a very simple yet seemingly effective way to incorporate all of the body in outreach. I told the people that we at HGBC want to create and cultivate an environment of excellence that will draw people to Christ. We will be doing 4 weeks of training, at 6pm each Sunday night in November.
We invite anyone and everyone to participate.

I then began to share some specifics about the Upward Basketball and Cheerleading ministry that we are in the process of starting. I encouraged them to first and foremost be involved in the prayer ministry of Upward. But I also encouraged them to get involved in the other areas of the ministry. We need coaches, referees, crowd control, etc... There is something that every person can do, the question of the day is "Will you do what you can?" I believe with all my heart that God is going to change this world with the gospel, beginning right here in Green Cove Springs, Florida.

I spoke for a few moments on the need to start a program to help erase the debt of the church so that we can be better stewards of all that God has blessed us with. As the Lord Jesus grows this local body of believers, we are going to need more buildings, more staff, more of everything. These were all needs that I addressed.

I just finished reading the second article on the Joshua Convergence posted at www.joshuaconvergence.com. As I thought back on that meeting I was again encouraged to take a stand for a biblical worldview. But I was also reminded that as Jesus so must I "Be about my Father's business." I was reminded of what the Book of Proverbs tells me, "Where there is no vision, the people perish."

I pray that God fills my heart and mind with a fresh vision. I pray that He gives me and I live in the strength of Christ so that "I can do all things through Christ..." I pray that He uses this body to reach the whole world.

You can see more about our church at www.hickorygrovebaptist.com. God bless you.

Serving Him,
Pastor Mike


sbc pastor said...


I'm excited for both you and HGBC and pray that God continues to pour out His many wonderful blessings there. BTW, I just read the latest article from the Florida Baptist Witness and you're famous :0). God bless!!!

In Christ,

Pastor Mike said...

That's pretty funny. Sometimes I feel like we just made the bullseye on our backs bigger, but let 'em fire at will, I have my battle gear on.
Serving Him,

tim rogers said...

Brother Mike,

What an exciting time we had in Fl. It was an honor and blessing to meet you. God truly enriched my life by bringing our paths across each other.


Pastor Mike said...

It was also my pleasure to meet you also. I am so glad that we are co-laborers in the field. May God truly bless your area of the Kingdom.
Serving Him

Bro. Robin said...

Pastor Mike

We just began the GROW program this month. We call it the GO and GROW program. It is great and I pray it will help your church reach more for Christ.

God Bless

Bro. Robin