Friday, October 06, 2006

NBC and the Abomination of Madonna and the Cross

I will admit from the start that I do not all that is entailed in what is taking place with the TV version of Madonna's concert. I do not know all that is taking place with NBC and the Veggie Tales on Saturday morning. But what I do know is that there is a noticable and terrible intolerance of Christianity while an absolute tolerance of everything apposed to and in contradiction with Christianity is allowed and encouraged. (I do know that during the concert Madonna sings a song while hanging from a cross.)

As I was trying to find out some of what is taking place I was reminded of what is taking place in the blog world concerning the SBC, the IMB, the Memphis "boys," and the Joshua Convergence. The world is going to "hell in a handbasket" and we are allowing it to happen. I wonder what Jesus thinks of all this? I know that His name is being damaged rather than glorified by the conflict that is taking place. (Please understand that I am firmly committed to ensuring that the Conservative Resurgence and the "Battle for the Bible" is continued on for future generations.)

I wonder what would happen if all our brothers and sisters in Christ spent as much time battling our enemy in the world as we do fighting each other? I wonder if NBC would even dare to air the Madonna tragedy while forcing the Veggie Tales cartoon to alter its message for public airing? I would venture to say that if Christians had been paying attention that there would still be prayer in schools, that the Ten Commandments would be treasured by all, and TV would be an OK distraction in the evening for a family to relax with.

Again I want to reiterate my support of the Joshua Convergence and the Conservative Resurgence, but my heart breaks that we are having to continue to fight this fight. But I am sure that as long as there are sinners on earth, there will always be a need for a defense of the TRUTH. I want to encourage the readers of this blog to contact their local NBC affiliate to protest the Madonna concert as well as speaking in favor of allowing the Veggie Tales series to air in its original format. God bless you.

Serving Him,
Pastor Mike


Les Puryear said...


Thank you for speaking out on this very important issue.



Pastor Mike said...

Thanks for noticing. God bless.
Serving Him,

CB Scott said...


This Memphis "boy" has been fighting that fight and others like it for years and other issues of integrity, at great cost and close to "home" for years.

Glad you are aboard. One thing to remember: "Its a long hard ride, but worth the trip"

Ed Pruitt said...


Good to have you in the blog world. Be careful about hanging out with this Brad Reynolds guy. He will get you into trouble. I can say that because he is a dear friend.

Thanks again for allowing me to share in your missions conference.