Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day 3

Day 3 was a great day. We covered so much material. I began the day teaching on the biblical differences between being baptized with the Spirit at salvation, the pentecostal idea of Spiritual baptist/second baptist, and filling of the Spirit.  Then I moved to the topic of the fruit of the Spirit. My final topic today was the gifts of the Spirit with a focus on the biblical teaching concerning the sign gifts.  I think the students tolerated the other 2 days so they could hear what I had to say about gifts.  FYI, pentecostal/charismatic theology is sweeping the world.  I love their passion to preach the gospel, but I don't believe they have a biblically accurate understanding of the Holy Spirit.

The students definitely interacted more today than any other day, and it was because of their desire to understand what the bible says about this.  They have very strong feelings and thoughts about it, that's for sure.  I love their desire and passion to know and live out their faith in a way that exalts the Lord Jesus Christ above all.  I have to say, I was convicted in this area of my life.  I honestly believe I learned as much from them and was encouraged by them as I may have ever been able to teach them.  These students welcomed me and treated my with such respect as I am not accustomed too.  They are kind in ways that I can't describe.  And were so appreciative of the time I gave to come here to help them.  I wonder where this attitude has hidden in the US.  I believe it would be valuable time spent rediscovering it.

On a lighter note. I coming home tomorrow night. My flight leaves Saigon at 11:50 PM. I fly to Seoul, and from Seoul to Atlanta. I have a lovely 5 hour layover in Atlanta and am suppose to be in Jacksonville at 5:30 PM Saturday where my beautiful wife and children will meet me at the airport.  Then its a week of relaxing in St. Augustine and final packing of the house in Green Cove Springs.  The movers will be there on the 27th to load our stuff up for the move to North Carolina and the beginning of a new ministry at Highland Baptist Church.  I have such a hope and expectation that great things are instore in the near and distant future. Lord Jesus, I can't wait.

Serving Him,

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