Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Band of Brothers

I like stories about WWII. It is my favorite time period in history, maybe other than the old West. A TV series caught my attention last year or maybe the year before called "Band of Brothers." I believe it was originally done on HBO or something like that, but you can watch it now on other networks from time to time, especially on Memorial Day weekend and other times like that. So, yesterday I watched a few minutes of the marathon here and there. One of the things that caught my attention was the bond they shared because of their experiences together. War tends to do that.

I just got back from 8 days with my "Band of Brothers." There are six original members of my doctoral cohort at SEBTS, and we added four others. We are bound together significantly in several areas of life: our Savior, our family (the body of Christ), our ministry calling, and our educational calling. I am glad to call them brothers and I am glad to call them friends. They are a great encouragement and accountability to me. Thank you my friends. We are a "Band of Brothers." I solute you!