Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Be The Church

Well I have been preaching a series of messages entitled "Be the Church" from Acts 2:42-47. We have been looking at the five purposes of the church found there. "What is church?" Church is a place you go or something you do would be the normal response, but I believe Scripture teaches us that that is wrong. Church is who we, Christians, are. We are to "BE THE CHURCH."

We accomplish this through discipling others, evangelizing others, worshiping God with others, fellowshipping with others, and doing ministry or serving others. Did you pick up on anything right there? Fulfilling the purpose of the church, fulfilling the mission of the church means that we must have a "vision" which allows us too. God wants us to have to people captivate our vision and focus. 1) The Lord Jesus Christ must captivate our vision, if we see anyone or anything else before Him we will have missed it completely. 2) We must be captured by "others." Our vision will always be upside down and blurry if we look inwardly (look at a spoon), but if our vision has an outward focus we will see everything right-side-up and crystal clear.


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